About Poly Mom

I am a mother of three girls and a boy (counting Gabe's son, Junior), a wife, and a scientist finishing up my PhD. I have a large garden, and I love urban farming.  My nose is often in a book. Years ago, I was a symphony musician, and I love music. I enjoy hiking in the mountains, and am relaxed by the sound of the sea. When I describe myself, these are the kinds of things I think of first.

I am also polyamorous. What does this mean? I love more than one partner.

I have been married to Stuart for over a decade, and have been happily partnered to Gabe since autumn of 2009.  We share a household, I use a hyphenated last name that includes both Stuart's and Gabe's last names, and we are raising our children together.  We are devoted to each other, and very happy.

Having found precious little to connect me with the experiences of others who are polyamorous moms, I decided to start my Poly Mom blog. I am documenting my experiences as I raise my family, and as I interact with others who may or may not be supportive of our choices. I hope to find people who can relate to me online, since so few people understand polyamory in real life.

Who's who:
Polly: me
Stuart: my husband
Gabriel (Gabe): my partner - (and really, my husband in every sense but the legal one)
Alison: Gabe's ex-wife
Allen: Alison's partner
Junior: Gabe's son (and my stepson)
Millie: Stuart's mom, (my mother-in-law)
Josie: my sister
Frank: Josie's husband
Vanessa: my other sister
Richard: my ex-husband of days long past

I shall add to the list of names as they come up in my posts.

Thank you for reading my blog, and for any comments you may share. I very much appreciate your thoughts and support, and I do answer e-mails, should you care to contact me!